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Secure Business Management On-The-Go

Helping Business with Utmost Security


Zuna emphasizes more on security features as it is a major concern while using an enterprise mobile application today. Implementing a wide variety of technologies in app development makes the matter worse. Sensing the need and gravity of the issue, we focus on risk-free app solutions. We have taken care of all the possible aspects to prevent any vulnerability by implementing security measures in every layer of our Zuna system.
SSL Secured
Zuna employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to ensure secure Internet communications such as email, web browsing, instant messaging and other data transfers. The main objective of SSL is to provide added security to the users. If the connection is SSL enabled, Google will impose HTTPS when the users access services.
Secured Data Exchange
How secure do you feel when you use an application to exchange data? Smartphone applications transfer different types of data over WIFI or other networks. There is greater security risk in data transfer especially to an external business partner. Therefore, we have implemented various data centric security solutions to our app which ensures secured data exchange between the phone and some other source over a wireless network.
Data Encryption
Our app follows standard security methods including data encryption in order to provide high security for your data. Encrypting data helps in reducing much of the security risks. In cryptography, what encryption means is encoding messages or information which can be read only by authorized parties. Zuna has been built on this concept to prevent risks.
Other Measures
Other than the usual security measures, we focus on gateway level, server level, OS level and application level security measures to safeguard the application. Ultimately, these painstakingly detailed measures make Zuna a secure and safe app for enterprise use.
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